Sos Mi Vida 35 , juegos peligrosos – dangerous games English sub


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that first part was espanol for “itching his back”. I dont know but that is what he is saying there, although also to me at first it looked like he was getting ass-fucked 😀
deltaop1reload 2 hours ago
Oh i looove sos mi vidaaaa..<3 much luv from Greece!
DemiGR21 2 hours ago
Well @momcc23456789 tell that to everyone on Your Cell Block as soon as You get to Prison! I'm sure a lot of them will agree with You on that one. Do You like to Hang onto the Cell Bars or just Bite Your Pillow? Hands tied behind Your Back? Or Duct Taped to the Bed Frame? It is Your Rape so we all want You to be happy with it. Me, I'll be the guy with the Railroad Engineers Hat on. It's not easy to Stop A Train! Wooh Wooh. Some Freight Trains Exceed the Legal Limit of 100 Cars Long!
ZEEMADMAN 3 hours ago
what fuck it is? and for next? the rape?
Martincooly 7 hours ago
Just rape her. what are you waiting for! I won't tell anyone. 😉
PantyhoseLos 10 hours ago
it is just a movie not real
perhansen0093 12 hours ago
Thumbs up if it's time for a wank
RamoncitoDF 16 hours ago

doesnt look like it, looks like hes fuckin thin air.

and the first part i dont get, i only speak english
TENNSUMITSUMA 18 hours ago